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Innovation for Life Skills Framework


EDUCOA aims to transform the learning environment by introducing its proprietary educational framework called the Innovation for Life Skills. The Framework helps schools integrate activities that actively engage students in the learning process by encouraging them to reflect and synthesize information across subjects and evaluate new ideas as it relates to their lives, while developing an understanding of and respect for diverse cultures.


The Framework uniquely integrates the use of digital portfolios to promote 4 core-learning pillars:

(i)    Creative Learning,

(ii)   Global Awareness,

(iii)  Career Development,

(iv)  Digital literacy.


Each learning pillar involves a set of activities that students archive and organize into Digital Portfolios. Please click on diagram below to see examples of activities. These Digital Portfolios will not only serve as an emblem of achievement for students in the EDUCOA program, but will also initiate the concept of an online and personal brand to launch their futures. Overall, the Framework forms the foundation of entrepreneurial and lifelong learning competencies that will equip youth to maximize their participation in the global economy.

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