EDUCOA’s goals cannot be achieved without equipping teachers with the knowledge and skills to provide guidance and support for their students’ learning. Not only are teachers responsible for integrating the Framework into the school curriculum, they must also effectively use, manage and teach the technology required for students to document their work in Digital Portfolios (DPs). EDUCOA’s Teacher Training Workshops will provide teachers with resources and strategies they need to implement the Framework and train them to create and manage their own work with the new technologies.


Teacher training workshops are conducted in August of each year for all teachers who will continue in the program, as well as new teachers participating in the program. During the workshops, teachers  upgrade their computer skills and learn how to use Evernote by making use of EDUCOA's "Introduction to Evernote and Creating Digital Portfolios," a teacher’s manual on Evernote and Digital Portfolios (excerpt to the right). 

Led by the IT teacher of each school and the EDUCOA coordinators, the goal of the workshop is to ensure that teachers gain the knowledge and skills needed to integrate the use of DPs in the classroom and apply the Framework methodology into their teaching as they enter into a new school year.







Excerpt from EDUCOA's teacher manual on Evernote and digital portfolios.

Teacher Training Workshop 

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