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To address the educational challenge of preparing students to fully participate in a rapidly globalizing and knowledge-based economy, EDUCOA implements ICT-based education programs for youth at the primary school level. Since statistics show that enrollment after primary school in Africa significantly declines, EDUCOA targets its programs for primary schools to ensure that youth at a young age attain the needed skills to maximize their life’s potential. EDUCOA’s programs encompass the following four categories:

The Framework: A proprietary educational methodology known as the Innovation for Life Skills Framework (the “Framework”) that introduces activities that develop students in four entrepreneurial and lifelong learning skillsets: creative learning, global awareness, career development, and digital literacy - and uses digital portfolios (“DPs”) as an educational tool for such activities;

Special educational activities

Teacher training workshops

Technological support

Working closely with the Ghana Education Service (GES), EDUCOA aims to transform the learning environment and develop activities that complement the overall school curriculum as governed by the GES to support Ghana’s national vision and policies in education and ICT. In the long term, EDUCOA seeks to integrate the Framework into the national education system in Ghana and adapt and expand our model to other countries as resources permit.

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