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At A Glance

EDUCOA Association (EDUCOA) is comprised of dedicated team members in the United States and Ghana.


EDUCOA's mission is to cultivate entrepreneurial and lifelong learning skills of youth in Africa by providing ICT-based educational programs. 


Through EDUCOA's Innovation for Life Skills Framework, EDUCOA works with primary schools to embrace activities that promote creative learning, global awareness, career development, and digital literacy through the use of Digital Portfolios (DPs). By maintaining DPs, students develop lifelong learning habits whereby they set benchmarks, track, and reflect on their growth as they progress through primary school, and beyond. The Framework instills in students a learning process that builds the foundation of developing entrepreneurial skills that they can apply to their futures.


In 2014, EDUCOA launched its pilot program in Ghana and aims to replicate its model throughout Africa.




Students and teachers receiving prizes and certificates for participating in EDUCOA’s essay contests

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