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Digital Portfolios


Youth today are growing up in the most digitally connected and technologically advanced time in history. Without the experience of communicating and organizing information using the Internet, youth from rural areas are especially at a disadvantage in the global market.EDUCOA aims to fill this gap. 


The EDUCOA Framework transforms how students learn by introducing digital portfolios, through an online platform called Evernote. Already used by many US teachers as an education tool, Evernote allows students to document their assignments and archive their finished work .


Digital portfolio skills form the foundation of EDUCOA, from which all EDUCOA activities are captured. Students compile their very own digital portfolios that showcase their achievements over the years. Teachers also learn how to use digital portfolios, ensuring sustainability and relevancy of the tool to existing classroom environments.  



The Digital Portfolio Curriculum for Students for the entirety of the program  includes:


Create notebooks for each subject.


Maintain weekly ‘Journal’ notebook.


Maintain a ‘My Career’ notebook to document professional development goals.


Maintain a ‘My Passport’ notebook to collect research on different countries.


Maintain a ‘My Creative Work’ notebook to collect creative writing, stories, artwork, or other creative portfolios.


Select and upload a favorite or best assignment at the end of each month.


Complete Reflection Sheets at end of each term/year.


Present on accomplishments to parents and teachers at the end of each year.


           Digital portfolio usage familiarizes students at a young age on how to integrate technology into their learning process and spur their motivation to learn and obtain basic digital skills necessary to achieve success in the future. When students graduate from primary school, they will have built a body of work that they have collected over the school years, in which they can continually build on in the future.

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