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Teaching for Innovation Program

Apply online today! Access Online Application here

Program Goal: 

Introduce new ideas and ways of learning to students in primary schools in Ghana

How will EDUCOA achieve this goal?

Invite students from US universities and US professionals to design and teach a 2-week course on an academic subject, language, or business and leadership topic in a creative way that inspires students to learn and make connections to the world that they otherwise would not have access to.

What are some sample lesson topics?

  • Foreign languages (Chinese, French, Italian, etc.)

  • Fun ways to learn grammar 

  • Storytelling and creative writing

  • Linking math with financial literacy

  • Having fun with physics, chemistry, biology, and environmental science

  • Introduction to statistics

How much will the program cost?

Program Fee = $812

Covers lodging (including 3 nights in Accra) with host family, meals with host family, material expenses for partner school, all local transportation, and coordination efforts

Estimated Travel Expenses (to be covered by the participant) = $2000

Flight, visa application, medical insurance,

personal expenses

Estimated Total Cost: $2,812

EDUCOA recommends seeking grants from your school, and can advise on crowdsourcing your trip.

Apply online today! Access Online Application here

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