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Technological Support

Although EDUCOA has selected schools based on the availability of a functional computer lab, EDUCOA’s pilot projects have revealed that further technological support is needed to ensure that the program can run successfully in the schools. Even the most equipped schools are challenged by (i) poor internet infrastructure, (ii) lack of funds to maintain consistent internet availability, and iii) outdated and broken computers.

If schools are selected to be part of EDUCOA’s programs, EDUCOA presents a basic technology support package to each participant school. We provide the following resources:

• Purchase strong Wi-Fi Internet routers to replace old modems to strengthen internet connections in school computer labs.

• Supplement the cost of internet provision for the first few years of the schools’ participation in EDUCOA’s programs until a sustainability plan is developed for the schools.

• Connect each school with mobile devices (smartphones or tablets) to allow students to work on DPs right in the classroom, instead of waiting to use the computer lab.

• Provide other donated equipment as needed, such as refurbished laptops, printers, cameras, and cartridges.

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