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Overview: Pilot Phase II 

(August 2015 - July 2016)  


For Phase II, EDUCOA is continuing working with the three schools that participated in Phase I, but increased the number of teachers and students in each school. Furthermore, EDUCOA worked with the Ministry of Education to select four additional schools to participate in Phase II, making a total of seven schools participating in the program.


Besides creating and maintaining Digital Portfolios, key activities in Phase II include the following:


(i) To strengthen the capacity of our participating schools, EDUCOA launched a school mentor program where we link local college students or college graduates, who specialize in computer and technology, to visit schools at least once a month to provide assistance and mentorship to students and teachers.

(ii) Provide additional computer skill-building opportunities for girls in EDUCOA by signing them up for after-school workshops held by local partner, Tech Needs Girls.

(iii) Key features and activities within the Innovation of Life Framework will be developed and implemented, such as the following:


  • Incorporating a “Global Awareness Month,” into the curriculum as part of the Global Awareness Pillar, which will encourage students to learn about other countries and cultures.

  • Incorporating a “Career Month,” program into the curriculum which is part of EDUCOA’s Career and Professional Development Pillar. Career Month will involve activities that encourage students to explore different professions and reflect on what they would like to do in the future.

  • All learning products generated from the two designated months will be captured in each student’s digital portfolio.


Additional Activities Include:


Teacher Training Workshops


Student and Teacher Essay Contests

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